Parkour & Freerunning Class

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The intent of this program is to introduce youth to the sport of movement, Parkour and Freerunning. In Parkour a participant tries to move from one point to another, in the fastest and most efficient way possible, to reach an intended target. Freerunning emphasizes parkour but focuses more on expressive and creative movement through an environment. There is no destination and it may include stylistic acrobatics.

There are skills which should be mastered before moving into an intermediate or advanced course; a forward, backward and shoulder roll, cartwheel, handstand, safety, kong and thief vault. When learning any of these skills’ safety is priority. The importance of it will be addressed in every class. Movements will become more complex as the athlete progresses. Class will consist of part instruction and part expressive application of learned skills.

Participants will begin to understand the importance of mobility, flexibility, agility, balance and strength. They will learn how to interact with their environment in a more creative expressive way and will take away something positive regardless of ability. The courses are meant to be fun, allowing participants to explore other means to fitness, conditioning and overall health.

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Our youth gymnastic classes launched November 4th and the response has been amazing! Each class will be very small so make sure you don't wait to register.

Mini Marvels (3-4 years old) - classes Monday - Friday 2:30-3:15pm - REGISTER| MORE INFO

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February On-Ramp

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Our February session of OnRamp (our CrossFit Introduction course) is scheduled to start on Feb. 3rd!  Make sure to reserve your spot in this small, focused, personalized session.

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